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Summer 2017

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Spring 2017
Publication Date: 31 March 2017

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Sorry about that!

When I first visited Germany I was amazed by the extraordinary phenomenon of being apologised to for the Second World WarRead more

Around the world

IQ's round-up of regional market developmentsRead more

A touch of class

Business class updates for the global marketRead more


Market intelligence on the QTRead more

All change

In an era of great uncertainty and the threat of growing instability the political risk and trade credit insurance market is coming into its own, says Bernard GoyderRead more

Sun storm

An extreme space weather event could cause insured losses in the hundreds of billions, finds Lucy Jones, but the level of risk is still underappreciatedRead more

Selling like hot cakes

(Re)insurance might not look like hot property currently, but interest in M&A remains strong. Dan Ascher untangles the complexities of consolidation in the sectorRead more

Smooth running

Insider Quarterly takes a look under the bonnet to find how companies can diagnose and provision for operational riskRead more

The strongest link?

As index-linked securities trading becomes more efficient, William Dubinsky examines the resilience of such instruments and what it means for ceding companiesRead more

Open door policy

Millennials are knocking at the door of the insurance sector, says Keith Wolfe, and the industry should be doing more to let them inRead more

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