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Punching above their weight

Catrin Shi meets with the co-founders and senior management team of Lloyd's carrier Barbican as they reflect on the company's first 10 years of operationRead more

Real news

As Validus celebrated 10 years in the public markets, CEO Ed Noonan sat down with Insider Quarterly to discuss broker disintermediation, Bermuda's politics and world dominationRead more

Brexit the path ahead

John Shepherd, CEO of Shepherd Compello, shares his views on the post-Brexit future for the insurance sectorRead more

A premium strategy

Insider Quarterly spoke to Freeborn's Joe McCullough and Daniel Hargraves about the recent union between Freeborn and Hargraves, McConnell & CostiganRead more

Blurred lines

As distribution models change, the distinction between facultative and treaty reinsurance - and between reinsurance and insurance - will blur into a single risk financing continuum, Igor Best-Devereux tells IQRead more

Lunch with Scriven

Pals with Clarkson, neighbour to Stringfellow; but Howden chairman Dominic Collins has also kept company with a wealth of London market luminaries, finds Marcus ScrivenRead more

Open the floodgates

Insider Quarterly speaks to Shepherd Compello's Chris Hatt about why London is best placed to take advantage of opportunities in the North American flood insurance marketRead more

Should I stay or should I go?

John Shepherd, CEO of Shepherd Compello, makes the case for staying in EuropeRead more

Reporting for duty

Charlie Thomas finds former Suncorp head Patrick Snowball demob-happy after turning around the group's fortunes, but ready to head back into the frayRead more

Six degrees of separation

Michael Stahel has come a long way from his Swiss Re roots, writes Fiona Robertson, but the link to his underwriting roots remainsRead more

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