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Summer 2017

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Executive moves

Bruce Carnegie-Brown; Steve McGill; Arndt Gossmann; John Berger; Jay Nichols; Jeremy Goodman; John Hurrell; Stuart Davies; Matthew WilsonRead more

Regulation and disruption

Shepherd Compello's Steve Hart tells Insider Quarterly about the challenges facing the delegated authority market and its opportunitiesRead more

Dress code: smart

Are market events a business opportunity or dead money? Emma Charrington gives some tips on how companies can get ‘smart' about their objectivesRead more

The inclusion factor

Angela Peacock explains how an inclusive culture can help risk reduction in insuranceRead more

Pandemic protection

Kimber Lantry, executive vice president, Axis Insurance and head of Axis Healthcare, outlines the thinking behind Axis' pandemic cover for hospitalsRead more

Cutting the ILGS link

Following the change in the UK personal injury discount rate, the method for assessing it should reflect the reality of how damages are actually invested, says Andrew HibbertRead more

Cyber or crime?

With crime insurers now offering coverage for certain deceptive fund transfers, Vince Vitkowsky assesses the limits of cyber insurance for cyber deception and social engineering risksRead more

What a drag

In the third of RPC's series of articles on M&A, James Mee and David Wallis outline some of the issues involved in selling companies with a large employee shareholder baseRead more

Fast forward

Everyone of a certain age will remember the "video wars" between the Betamax and VHS video cassette recorder formats of the 1980sRead more

Executive moves

Nick Frankland; Dominic Casserley; Sean McGovern; Paolo Vagnone; Talbir Bains; Pietro Toffanello; Chris Beazley; Jon Hancock; Chris SchaperRead more

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