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Summer 2017

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Executive moves

The Ins and Outs of the executive job marketRead more

Off the chart

Glenn Clark details the steps his firm has taken to strengthen ties between the US and London insurance markets through its CHART initiativeRead more

All at sea

The salvage of the MV Modern Express revealed hidden exposures for the marine and insurance industries related to ultra-large container vessels, says Ton SchoxRead more

Under lock and key

Implementation of the GDPR will compel businesses to address their data security issues, says Nick Gibbons, creating a potential boon for cyber insurersRead more

Schemes and offers where drags donít work

In the fourth of RPC's series on M&A, James Mee and David Wallis detail the statutory solutions available when drag-along rights are either ineffective or non-existent for the sale of private companies with a large employee shareholder baseRead more

Riding the wave

The Lloyds Bank Financial Institutions Sentiment Survey finds insurers are poised to ride out the economic peaks and troughs of 2017, says Bill CooperRead more

On an even keel

Heneg Parthenay and Simon Richards explore alternatives to asset-backed securities that offer attractive yields for European insurers while maintaining overall credit qualityRead more

Silver service

The recent update of the Single Claims Agreement Model for non-complex claims will go some way towards enhancing customer service, but challenges remain, says Graham SheppardRead more

Ringing the changes

The insurance industry needs to make good on its diversity commitments if it is to benefit from the enhanced skillset of a gender-balanced leadership, argues Sally BramallRead more

Sport on the brain

Concussion-related injuries in sport are creating a headache for insurers, find Michelle Crorie and Alison OlofRead more

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