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Winter 2017

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Built-in resistance

Can cat bonds help end poverty? Lucy Jones investigates how retro-fitting catastrophe-prone properties could spur ILS coverage in emerging nationsRead more

Shooting stars

The tech-driven MGA model is here to stay, says Catrin Shi, but has the meteoric rise in formations reached its zenith?Read more

Powering ahead

The power and energy sector is set for a cyber insurance explosion, finds Laura Board, but accurately assessing the risk can still confound insureds and carriers alikeRead more

The key to the future

Gibraltar's passporting rights make the jurisdiction a strategic post-Brexit location for EEA insurers that write business in the UK and the City of London, says Michael AshtonRead more

Crossing borders

Michael Frith assesses what proposed US tax reforms could mean for the export of riskRead more

The Persian paradox

Bringing Iran on-risk involves negotiating a tangled web of competing political views, economic sanctions and financial regulations, writes Bernard GoyderRead more

Ripple effect

As the digital transformation starts to spread throughout the insurance sector, Mark Crichard asks whether InsurTech is a disruptive force or a complementary innovationRead more

Emerging opportunities

In the current yield environment, there is a compelling argument for expanding the investment universe to emerging markets, says Colm McDonaghRead more

The Rhode ahead

Rhode Island has created a storm in the run-off world with a new law that allows insurers to sell off their legacy books, but Dan Ascher questions whether other states are wise to follow suitRead more

The North Wind and the Sun

While renewable energy projects are fast becoming a credible alternative to conventional power generation methods, Gavin Bradshaw finds the biggest draw for carriers might be the humble batteryRead more

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