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Spring 2017

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Sorry about that!

When I first visited Germany I was amazed by the extraordinary phenomenon of being apologised to for the Second World WarRead more

Born lucky?

Are the global reinsurance and wholesale specialty markets bound to succeed over the longer term?Read more

If your name’s not down you’re not coming in

When I was a broker I never understood why so many liability underwriters looked down on their property brethrenRead more

Feeding the hungry

When I started doing this in 2010, global specialty (re)insurers had a slightly imbalanced business modelRead more

Fast and furious

And so, they keep coming. ABR Re follows Watford Re. Alloy Re is currently rattling the tin on Wall Street. And Aligned Re has just hit the road tooRead more

Make sure you have a parachute

More than most of the years that I have been doing this, 2015 feels like a pointer to the future of the industryRead more

Wake me up in Corsica!

At this time of year all non-reinsurance staff in our industry collectively wonder how on earth the treaty crowd manage to get away with pretending that a late summer visit to the Côte d'Azur is somehow workRead more

Under a cloud

The insurance sector is not at ease with itself. Everywhere I look I see people in the market questioning the sustainability of their models, agonising about their futures, wrestling with existential angstRead more

Infinite capacity?

We gnarled observers of the global (re)insurance market are baffledRead more

Concept cars

All good salesmen know that you have to sell people something they can believe in and aspire toRead more

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