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Career best
Followers of AJ Gallagher (AJG)'s Twitter account may have noticed that the racing driver son of International CEO Grahame "Chily" Chilton is something of a chip off the old block.

Commenting for the AJG news page on his IndyCar career best performance, Max Chilton noted: "The risk/reward in IndyCar is pretty large... which is why I'm calm, cool and collected on the track."

Chilton Jr, who recently came fourth in the 101st Indianapolis 500 in his Gallagher-sponsored Honda, is also currently ranked fifth in the FIA World Touring Car Championship.

In a sponsor-pleasing footnote he added: "Insurance is about risk and reward - making calculated decisions. That's motorsports."

Private view
Insider Quarterly notes that the cover of the autumn issue has graced the Lloyd's Galleries Twitter feed, albeit with added smut. Thankfully, however, it has evaded the ire of Lloyd's denizens, who have erupted at the Society's decision to move the Nelson Collection (artefacts, letters and silverware relating to the hero of the Battle of Trafalgar) to a new location.

Nelson has increasingly become a subject of controversy over his associations with the colonial slave trade. However, Lloyd's Galleries has focused instead on the perceived insult to the Admiral's memory.

"The Nelson Collection is now permanently by the bogs. Retweet if you are appalled" went one Tweet, while another blustered: "England expects that every man will do his duty. England does not expect every man to be charging his phone where the Nelson collection should be."

This article was published as part of issue Winter 2017

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