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The party's over...
Following last issue's reference to the Lloyd's lunchtime drinking prohibition order, more news has come through of the death of fun in the market. As part of an ongoing economy drive Lloyd's is cancelling its party at the Rendez-vous de September in Monte Carlo this year.

The Society's new chairman, Bruce Carnegie-Brown, is also expected to be absent from proceedings in Monaco - testament, perhaps, to his commitment to lead by example in this period of austerity.

...but not the drinking
ProGlobal claimed bragging rights against Xchanging after it beat the latter comprehensively in their Sevens match. Rumours abound that ProGlobal shipped in an entire team from rugby-loving Gloucester, where it has an office. We couldn't possibly comment.

In any event, it appears that the brokers enjoyed the day, as evidenced by one bon viveur seen standing outside the RKH tent, who managed to stay upright whilst relieving himself into a plastic beer glass. Cheers!

And the fun continued on the way home, according to one colleague who, when pressed to come for "one more drink" by a merry band of brokers on the Waterloo train, informed the revellers they were sitting with a member of the press. Upon arrival they quickly scurried off...

David and Goliath
A struggle of somewhat unequal proportions is taking place in the US District Court. According to papers filed in the Eastern District of Missouri, Eastern Division, a small Missouri MGA is suing American International Group (AIG) for copyright infringement.

The plaintiff, A.I.G. Agency, claims that it is the "senior user" of the "AIG" brand, having used it in connection with its insurance business since 1962, and says in the May filing that the defendant, AIG, is the "junior user" of the "AIG Mark". The MGA says that AIG, having admitted that "instances of actual consumer confusion" have occurred through its use of the AIG Mark, has tried "on more than one occasion" to stop A.I.G Agency from using it. The case continues.

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