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Booze ban
A sobering thought for followers of the news that Lloyd's has officially banned its staff from drinking alcohol during working hours: what will happen to One Under Lime?
As news of the prohibition swept through the market, many of EC3's finest became concerned for the wellbeing of the regular drinking haunt, situated right underneath the iconic Lloyd's building. Some wag suggested it could be turned into a juice bar, drawing in millennials from nearby trendy Shoreditch to supplement its income.
IQ PI has scoped out the bar since and it seems that broking and underwriting patrons are keeping its tills ringing.

Executive expletives
The UK government's announcement that it was cutting the discount rate for personal injury payments from 2.50 percent to minus 0.75 percent was enough to tip some Lime Street worthies over the edge.
One CEO rattled off an impressive set of expletives at the sheer madness of the situation, especially given the timing of the announcement, which arrived mid-way through results season.
"What the fluffing hell is going on? Why the flip did they fluffing well think it was a good idea to do this during flipping results season? They clearly have no fluffing idea what they're doing. Bumpkins," the executive [sort of] said.

The usual?
Who, from time to time, doesn't consider themselves the lead character in a movie of their own life? The hero of the hour, the main man/woman, the celestial entity around which all other life revolves. Most of us are aware that this is also a cosy little fiction - day-to-day life provides ample, painful evidence of this.
The swaggering CEOs of EC3, on the other hand, are the epicentre of their organisations. So spare a thought for the swaggering CEO who entered the esteemed Lloyd's Club one afternoon, expecting to sip a delightful vintage cognac, but who was instead served a harsh dose of réalité du jour.
Upon ordering "the usual" at the bar, the bemused waiter swiftly replied: "Of course, and what exactly would that be?"

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