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Spring 2015

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Passion play

Are specialty (re)insurers looking for a quick score or a meaningful long-term relationship? Adam McNestrie checks out some likely matches Continued inside

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Infinity pool

Infinite capacity?

We gnarled observers of the global (re)insurance market are baffledContinued inside

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Robert Kelly


Ready, steady, go

The rapid build-up of Steadfast Group's broker network and MGA business is creating a footprint for even faster growth when the market turns, says David Bull Continued inside

US commercial P&C

Cycle certainty

Rates cycle

A downturn is already underway in the US P&C market, says David Bull, with prices in some lines moving into negative territory as the weight of excess capacity begins to tellContinued inside


Hot tempers

Burning coals

From its lambasting by short seller GeoInvesting to a long-running dispute with investors, AmTrust has had a fiery 2014. Dan Ascher rakes over the coals of a controversial yearContinued inside

Solvency II

Uphill struggle

2016 road sign

With many insurers still struggling to catch up with the 2016 Solvency II compliance deadline, Jenny Messenger highlights four key areas that could prove problematicContinued inside


Sailing into the wind

Sailing boat

With major buyers increasingly scaling back cessions, Himal Patel forecasts a challenging year ahead for reinsurersContinued inside

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Leaving the past behind

Rearview mirror

Delivery, functionality and experience top insurers' wish lists for new software solutions, as they look to move beyond outdated legacy systems, says Rob StavrouContinued inside


Harvesting the liquidity premium

Alex Veroude, Heneg Parthenay and Simon Richards consider the opportunities in illiquid assets for CFOs seeking to improve investment yieldsContinued inside


Deal drivers

Closing the deal

PK Paran and Melanie James highlight the opportunities and challenges for private equity in an increasingly M&A-driven insurance sectorContinued inside


In the box seat

Horse racing

Insider Quarterly speaks to Shepherd Compello's Mel Alexander and Chris Hatt about why they believe London is best placed to take advantage of market opportunitiesContinued inside

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London market roundtable 2015

London Market Roundtable 2015

There is a paradox at the heart of the London market - what makes it so strong is what can also hold it backRead more

Legacy 2015

Legacy 2015

The legacy sector needs to lobby hard at a time when it faces multiple threatsRead more

II Bermuda RT 2015

The Insurance Insider Bermuda Roundtable 2014/15

A visit to Bermuda in December can at times feel like an exercise in voyeurism. And in an unforgiving marketplace for reinsurers, the temptation to linger around Hamilton's bars in search of downtrodden underwriters drowning their sorrows is difficult to resistRead more

MC Reinsurance RT 2014

The Insurance Insider Monte Carlo Reinsurance Roundtable

The champagne lounge has ejected the last befuddled reinsurance broker. In short, the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous is over and the business of talking about reinsurance business is at an end - it's time to actually start making some of those deals workRead more

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