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Autumn 2015

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Behind bars


Reinsurance on trial

The dramatic events of the past 12 months have caused an awful lot of angst-ridden debate in the reinsurance community. Reinsurance is on trial. Making the case for the prosecution is our learned friend Mr Adam McNestrie and for the defence the venerable Mr Mark Geoghegan Continued inside

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Wake me up in Corsica!

At this time of year all non-reinsurance staff in our industry collectively wonder how on earth the treaty crowd manage to get away with pretending that a late summer visit to the Côte d'Azur is somehow workContinued inside

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Andrew Bustillo


Walk the talk

BMS Intermediaries' Andy Bustillo tells David Bull agnosticism is the only option for brokers in the evolving reinsurance market Continued inside

Trading Risk

The great Hedge Fund Re bake-off

Birthday cake

11 years on from the first hedge fund reinsurer, are investors trying to have their cake and eat it too? asks Fiona RobertsonContinued inside


Sugar rush

Chocolate bar

Carriers' reliance on reinsurance profits to drive earnings has been a dangerous dependency for some, says Himal Patel, while diversification for its own sake is unreliable as a quick fixContinued inside

Inside FAC

Fashion casualty

80s fashion

Recent investments in casualty fac operations suggest a resurgent class of business - but will it prove to be an embarrassment longer-term? Marcus Alcock tries it on for sizeContinued inside


Ships that burn in the night

Brillante Virtuoso

The 2011 loss of the Brillante Virtuoso uncovered a grim tale involving the murder of a respected British loss adjuster and allegations of a massive marine fraud. Dan Ascher tells the full storyContinued inside

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Setting standards

Lloyds building

Jack Burgess examines the impact of conduct risk on claims adjusters in the (re)insurance sectorContinued inside


Under pressure

Rig workers

Suki Basi calls for a more integrated approach to offshore energy risk management as the costs of both exploration and insurance claims continue to increaseContinued inside


The long and winding road

Great Wall

The long history of process change in the London market could be summed up as "not far enough or quick enough". Steve Street assesses the current journey of changeContinued inside


Outside the bubble

London bubble

A passion for innovation and progress appears to have eluded the (re)insurance industry, says Alex Hearn. Not so in the financial technology sectorContinued inside

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Insider MC RT 2015

The Insurance Insider Monte Carlo Roundtable 2015

I love the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous! In many ways The Insurance Insider Roundtable has become the definitive event of the gatheringRead more

SIRC 2015

SIRC 2015

SIRC 2015 I think we've got to learn to be a little more consistent in our approach to this great industry of oursRead more

Honours 2015 post-event

The Insurance Insider Honours 2015

Welcome to our post-event supplement for the fourth Insurance Insider Honours, which took place on the 10 September 2015Read more

PCI 2015 Day 3

PCI Newsletter 2015 Day 3

The last of our special issues from this year's PCI conferenceRead more

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