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Summer 2017

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All aboard for Brexit

The UK insurance industry might be on red alert for the outcome of Brexit negotiations, but carriers are also laying the foundations for long-term market access, says Laura Board Continued inside

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Brexit sandcastle

Sorry about that!

When I first visited Germany I was amazed by the extraordinary phenomenon of being apologised to for the Second World WarContinued inside

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Igor Best-Devereux


Blurred lines

As distribution models change, the distinction between facultative and treaty reinsurance - and between reinsurance and insurance - will blur into a single risk financing continuum, Igor Best-Devereux tells IQ Continued inside

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Greetings from India

Taj Mahal postcard

International carriers are flooding into India following the overhaul of its insurance sector, but challenges to the profitability and ease of doing business in the country remain, says Charlie ThomasContinued inside


Silicon slip


While Silicon Valley has contributed significant funding to InsurTech development, partnership with a willing (re)insurer could be the golden ticket for start-ups, finds Matthew NeillContinued inside

Poiltical risk and trade credit

All change

Political risk

In an era of great uncertainty and the threat of growing instability the political risk and trade credit insurance market is coming into its own, says Bernard GoyderContinued inside


Sun storm


An extreme space weather event could cause insured losses in the hundreds of billions, finds Lucy Jones, but the level of risk is still underappreciatedContinued inside

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Fast forward


Everyone of a certain age will remember the "video wars" between the Betamax and VHS video cassette recorder formats of the 1980sContinued inside


What a drag

Share certificates

In the third of RPC's series of articles on M&A, James Mee and David Wallis outline some of the issues involved in selling companies with a large employee shareholder baseContinued inside


Pandemic protection

Petri dish

Kimber Lantry, executive vice president, Axis Insurance and head of Axis Healthcare, outlines the thinking behind Axis' pandemic cover for hospitalsContinued inside


Cyber or crime?

Laptop gavel

With crime insurers now offering coverage for certain deceptive fund transfers, Vince Vitkowsky assesses the limits of cyber insurance for cyber deception and social engineering risksContinued inside

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TRIG spring 2017

Trading Risk Investor Guide H1 2017

Trading Risk was first launched in 2008 just before the crux of the financial crisis - a period that was ultimately to boost the fortunes of the ILS market, as it showed the value of a truly non-correlating asset classRead more

Bermuda RT 2016 2017

Bermuda Roundtable 2016/17

It's a bit of a cliché to say we're living in interesting times, but clichés become clichés because there's more than an element of truth to themRead more

PCI RT 2016

PCI Roundtable 2016

As Hurricane Matthew reached peak intensity and set its sights firmly on Florida in early October there was talk of "the big one": a storm of such magnitude that it could alter the inexorable softening course of the US (re)insurance marketRead more

20th anniversary cover

20th anniversary issue

The passing of 20 years of The Insurance Insider is a moment to celebrate the achievements of a publication that is now firmly embedded in the global P&C (re)insurance sectorRead more

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