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Summer 2015

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Lost civilisations

Lost civilisations

Could rampant M&A consign the mid-tier London market broker to history? Charlie Thomas assesses the sector's likely legacy Continued inside

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Under a cloud

The insurance sector is not at ease with itself. Everywhere I look I see people in the market questioning the sustainability of their models, agonising about their futures, wrestling with existential angstContinued inside

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Andrew Bustillo


Walk the talk

BMS Intermediaries' Andy Bustillo tells David Bull agnosticism is the only option for brokers in the evolving reinsurance market Continued inside

State pools

State of the union


Demand for reinsurance may be lagging among large international cedants, but current pricing has seen US state-backed insurers lapping up capacity, says Karina WhalleyContinued inside


Wings of desire


With UAVs touted as the future of on-demand delivery, Dan Ascher and Winifred Okocha explore the sci-fi reality of commercial drone useContinued inside


Tiger hunting


As the former ‘tiger economy' comes into its own, the passing of a major insurance reform finally promises to open up India's (re)insurance sector to foreign investors, says Jenny MessengerContinued inside


Soft landing


Golden parachutes might seem like a hefty M&A expense, but they ultimately benefit shareholders, says Himal PatelContinued inside

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The turning tide


PK Paran and Paul Chen highlight the growing tide of cross-border insurance M&A as the developing markets become more acquisitiveContinued inside


From the ground up

Plane takeoff

The extent of recent aerospace losses coupled with emerging risks in the sector highlight the key role insurers play in supporting the supply chain, say Mark Heath and Richard PowellContinued inside


Acid reign

Acid rain

The spectre of unconscious bias has ruled decision-making for too long, imperceptibly eating away at companies' attempts to introduce diversity, says Angela PeacockContinued inside


Playing catch-up


The inherent complexities associated with calculating casualty threats has left measurement and modelling of long-tail risk lagging behind, says Andrew Newman, but change is afootContinued inside

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Bermuda summer 2015 RT

The Insurance Insider Bermuda Roundtable 2015

What a place Bermuda is. There is so much resourcefulness and drive corralled into such a small geographical area. This is still a place where people come to get things doneRead more

NY Roundtable 2015

New York Roundtable 2015

I could swear the world is spinning faster than it was this time last yearRead more

Legacy RT

The Insurance Insider Legacy Roundtable 2015

Summer is upon us, which means many will be reaching for the charcoal and last month's issue of The Insurance Insider to get the barbecue fired up and begin eating al frescoRead more

London market roundtable 2015

London Market Roundtable 2015

There is a paradox at the heart of the London market - what makes it so strong is what can also hold it backRead more

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