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Spring 2017

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Wine barrel


Worth the wait?

With a more diverse range of owners entering the reinsurance space, will the sector ultimately reward these new investors with vintage returns, asks Fiona Robertson Continued inside

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Four leaf clover

Born lucky?

Are the global reinsurance and wholesale specialty markets bound to succeed over the longer term?Continued inside

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Clarkson and Collins


Lunch with Scriven

Pals with Clarkson, neighbour to Stringfellow; but Howden chairman Dominic Collins has also kept company with a wealth of London market luminaries, finds Marcus Scriven Continued inside


Shadow play

Shadow play

The US arbitration system puts reinsurers' disputes in the hands of supposedly neutral parties who may prove to be conflicted. Dan Ascher shines a light on a sometimes shadowy processContinued inside

Hong Kong

From Batman to Birdman

Hong Kong

As Singapore strengthens its position as the Asian reinsurance hub of choice, Charlie Thomas assesses whether Hong Kong will have its Birdman moment and win back the marketContinued inside


Building up protection


Soft pricing has triggered a change in reinsurance market dynamics that is creating new buying habits, says Iulia CiutinaContinued inside


The A-Z of claims

ABC blocks

Aidan O'Neill outlines everything you need to know about claims management innovationContinued inside

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Rental market

For rent sign

The rise of the ‘virtual insurer' holds the key to future distribution, as insurers are free to ‘rent' out their capital, argue Colin Thompson and Adam KembrookeContinued inside

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The future of data capture

Binary code

Robert Dewen details how JMD has extended its binder management service to fit Solvency II and conduct risk needsContinued inside

Expense ratios

Feeling the pressure

Expense gauge

Changing market conditions call for new thinking if underwriters are to keep rising expense ratios under control, says Leo GibbonsContinued inside

Exposure management

Expect the unexpected

Christchurch cathedral

Effective exposure management helps prevent surprise and potentially damaging losses, says Luke NormanContinued inside

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TRIG spring 2017

Trading Risk Investor Guide H1 2017

Trading Risk was first launched in 2008 just before the crux of the financial crisis - a period that was ultimately to boost the fortunes of the ILS market, as it showed the value of a truly non-correlating asset classRead more

Bermuda RT 2016 2017

Bermuda Roundtable 2016/17

It's a bit of a cliché to say we're living in interesting times, but clichés become clichés because there's more than an element of truth to themRead more

PCI RT 2016

PCI Roundtable 2016

As Hurricane Matthew reached peak intensity and set its sights firmly on Florida in early October there was talk of "the big one": a storm of such magnitude that it could alter the inexorable softening course of the US (re)insurance marketRead more

20th anniversary cover

20th anniversary issue

The passing of 20 years of The Insurance Insider is a moment to celebrate the achievements of a publication that is now firmly embedded in the global P&C (re)insurance sectorRead more

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