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Winter 2016

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Bird cage


Gilded cage

The casualty sector has historically caged itself behind exclusions, but new ways of modelling the "unmodellable" could open the door to a wealth of underwriting opportunities, finds Adam McNestrie Continued inside

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Rope barrier

If your nameís not down youíre not coming in

When I was a broker I never understood why so many liability underwriters looked down on their property brethrenContinued inside

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Chris Hatt


Open the floodgates

Insider Quarterly speaks to Shepherd Compello's Chris Hatt about why London is best placed to take advantage of opportunities in the North American flood insurance market Continued inside

Trading Risk

Down but not out


Reports of the imminent demise of the cat bond market have been greatly exaggerated, says Fiona RobertsonContinued inside


Brexit blip

London-listed carriers' H1 results revealed a boost to bottom lines from investment returns - but how much of this was just a blip following the UK's Brexit vote? Charlie Thomas investigatesContinued inside


Panama Confidential

Panama Confidential

The Panama Papers data leak heralds a sea change in the way (re)insurers should think about vicarious liability, finds Catrin ShiContinued inside


Running dry


Warnings about excess reserves drying out have been a regular feature of the (re)insurance industry in recent years, but the reserving cycle could be changing, says Iulia CiutinaContinued inside

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That Kodak moment

Film negative

Technology is rewriting the rule book in many industries, including insurance. Rafal Walkiewicz wonders how companies will overcome ‘insurtech inertia' to thrive in the face of disruptive innovationContinued inside


Gilt-edged liquidity

Heneg Parthenay and Simon Richards detail a new approach to managing liquidity and counterparty risk in an evolving regulatory environmentContinued inside


Symbiotic relationship

Alice Vaidyan

Insider Quarterly speaks to Alice G Vaidyan, GIC Re's chairman-cum-managing director, about the company's international expansion plansContinued inside

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Baden-Baden 2016 Day 2

Even the most doting parent would admit that they can find their children a trial at timesRead more

PCI 2016 Day 3

PCI Newsletter 2016 Day 3

The third of our special issues from this year's PCI conferenceRead more

Baden-Baden 2016 Day 1

Baden-Baden 2016 Day 1

It's going to be a long winter in the global insurance villageRead more

Honours 2016 post-event supplement

Honours 2016 Post-Event Supplement

Welcome to our post-event supplement for the fifth Insurance Insider Honours, which took place on the 8 September 2016Read more

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