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Summer 2017

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That's the way to do it

Has the insurance market become a Punch and Judy show, with underwriters under the cosh from bullying brokers? Laura Board investigates Continued inside

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Pincer movement

Broker remuneration is perhaps the London market's central preoccupation at presentContinued inside

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Joe McCullough

Executive briefing

A premium strategy

Insider Quarterly spoke to Freeborn's Joe McCullough and Daniel Hargraves about the recent union between Freeborn and Hargraves, McConnell & Costigan Continued inside

Country profile

Talking Turkey

Turkey postcard

With historically low insurance penetration, Turkey offers opportunities for non-life commercial and compulsory covers, says Charlie Thomas, but political risk/political violence isn't one of themContinued inside


A Herculean task


With so many factors constantly changing the cyber risk landscape, Catrin Shi explores whether modellers are up to the challenge of accurately modelling this new perilContinued inside


Fragile state

Bullet hole

David Bull says the spectre of AOB is hanging over Florida as the state braces for a potentially active hurricane seasonContinued inside

Trading Risk

A good bet

Lottery tickets

The lottery may not offer great odds for punters but lottery risk is a good bet for investors, says Lucy JonesContinued inside

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Inclusion and diversity

Overcoming inertia

Woman pushing boulder

The Insurance Insider Honours Inclusion and Diversity award showcases the positive steps taken by the industry towards driving engagement, says Liz Grant in conversation with Lynsey Cross and James MeeContinued inside

Sports concussion

Sport on the brain

Brain scan

Concussion-related injuries in sport are creating a headache for insurers, find Michelle Crorie and Alison OlofContinued inside


Silver service

Silver service

The recent update of the Single Claims Agreement Model for non-complex claims will go some way towards enhancing customer service, but challenges remain, says Graham SheppardContinued inside


On an even keel

Yacht sailing

Heneg Parthenay and Simon Richards explore alternatives to asset-backed securities that offer attractive yields for European insurers while maintaining overall credit qualityContinued inside

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MGA Review

MGA Review 2017

Back at the end of each of the last few soft markets London-based MGAs have managed to make quite a name for themselvesRead more

Legacy 2017

Legacy 2017

At the moment, it feels like few things in life are a safe betRead more

TRIG spring 2017

Trading Risk Investor Guide H1 2017

Trading Risk was first launched in 2008 just before the crux of the financial crisis - a period that was ultimately to boost the fortunes of the ILS market, as it showed the value of a truly non-correlating asset classRead more

Bermuda RT 2016 2017

Bermuda Roundtable 2016/17

It's a bit of a cliché to say we're living in interesting times, but clichés become clichés because there's more than an element of truth to themRead more

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