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Autumn 2014

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2015 outlook

What's lurking down there?

Insider Quarterly takes a sideways look at the potential horrors stalking the market in 2015 Continued inside

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Mark Geoghegan


Soft markets are like impromptu drinking sessions that get out of handContinued inside

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p46 Luca Albertini


Cat bonding

Alternative capital is not a synonym for cheap reinsurance capacity, argues Luca Albertini. Fiona Robertson speaks to the fund manager about getting beyond the pricing debate Continued inside


Steady as she goes?

p22 ship wheel

Ahead of a rise in interest rates, insurers face some challenging investment decisions, writes Charlie Thomas, with some preferring to maintain their course towards diversificationContinued inside


All systems go

p28 race lights

Despite concerns about the vulnerable tax status of hedge fund reinsurers, as well as the scramble to secure underwriting talent, there is no shortage of interest in the model, writes Jenny MessengerContinued inside

Trading Risk

The retro look

P36 armchair

The niche retro market has come a long way since the LMX spiral of the late 1980s, but remains a small, opaque sector with ill-defined limits. Fiona Robertson peers through the hazeContinued inside


Crying foul

p40 red card

Why are whistleblowing disputes leaving a bad taste in the mouths of senior executives? Dan Ascher investigatesContinued inside

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Extracting value

Oil rig

Richard Lawson provides the key to unlocking the hidden value of your legacy portfolioContinued inside


Out of Africa

Ashok Roy

Insider Quarterly speaks to Ashok Roy, chairman and managing director of Indian government-owned reinsurer GIC Re, about the growing domestic market and the huge potential in AfricaContinued inside


Under a cloud

Storm cloud

Joe Louwagie ponders some of the issues that increased thunderstorm and hail risk could cause for collateralised reinsurance programmesContinued inside


A revolution is coming


Robotic process automation can dramatically reduce the costs and increase the quality of back-office functions, freeing up insurance professionals to focus on value-adding activities, says Chris MainContinued inside

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Insider MC RT 2014

The Insurance Insider Monte Carlo Roundtable 2014

One of the most important qualifications for being an underwriter is an eternal sense of optimism. If insurers or reinsurers thought the worst of every risk they were offered, nothing would ever get underwrittenRead more

PCI Day 2

PCI Newsletter 2014 Day 2

The second of our special issues from this year's PCI conferenceRead more

MC Reinsurance RT 2014

The Insurance Insider Monte Carlo Reinsurance Roundtable

The champagne lounge has ejected the last befuddled reinsurance broker. In short, the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous is over and the business of talking about reinsurance business is at an end - it's time to actually start making some of those deals workRead more

PCI Day 3

PCI Newsletter 2014 Day 3

The last of our special issues from this year's PCI conferenceRead more

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