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Winter 2017

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Cliff edge

Mortgage (re)insurance

On the edge?

Matthew Neill asks whether the (re)insurance sector has reached another cliff edge with covering mortgage credit risk Continued inside

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Golden hand bell

Silence is expensive

One common characteristic of the strongest leaders is that once they know something important, they are unable to ignore itContinued inside

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Noonan NYSE


Real news

As Validus celebrated 10 years in the public markets, CEO Ed Noonan sat down with Insider Quarterly to discuss broker disintermediation, Bermuda's politics and world domination Continued inside

Country profile

The Persian paradox

Iran postmark

Bringing Iran on-risk involves negotiating a tangled web of competing political views, economic sanctions and financial regulations, writes Bernard GoyderContinued inside


Powering ahead

Power station

The power and energy sector is set for a cyber insurance explosion, finds Laura Board, but accurately assessing the risk can still confound insureds and carriers alikeContinued inside


Shooting stars

Shooting star

The tech-driven MGA model is here to stay, says Catrin Shi, but has the meteoric rise in formations reached its zenith?Continued inside

Trading Risk

Built-in resistance


Can cat bonds help end poverty? Lucy Jones investigates how retro-fitting catastrophe-prone properties could spur ILS coverage in emerging nationsContinued inside

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Getting a grip on automation

Robot handshake

Claims automation will improve the customer experience, says Dr Bernard Cosgrave, but it is the combination of human and technological resources that will drive progressContinued inside

Fine art

Plundering for profit


Tony Baumgartner and Owen B Carragher Jr explore the murky world of funding terrorism through the looting of antiquitiesContinued inside


Go with the flow

Binary code

Ahead of the Monte Carlo Rendez-Vous, Paul Latarche warns that the London market has to embrace technology if it is to remain competitiveContinued inside


Locking down fraud

Padlocked gate

Analytics, intelligence and collaboration are the keys to tackling insurance fraud, says Dan GumprightContinued inside

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SIRC 2017

SIRC 2017

There are complex dynamics around the regulation of reinsurance in emerging markets, including much of AsiaRead more

BB 2017 Day 1

Baden-Baden 2017 Day 1

Welcome to the first of our daily editions from the 2017 Baden-Baden Reinsurance SymposiumRead more

BB 2017 Day 2

Baden-Baden 2017 Day 2

Welcome to the second of our daily editions from the 2017 Baden-Baden Reinsurance SymposiumRead more

PCI 2017 Day 3

PCI Newsletter 2017 Day 3

Welcome to the last of our daily newsletters from this year's PCI conference, which took place on 15-17 October in ChicagoRead more

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